Hi, I’m Tiffany Peterson, Sales and Success Coach, helping individuals and audiences around the globe create a life and a business that they love. I have been coaching in the doTERRA community for the past 10+ years, helping thousands of wellness advocates grow, rank advance, double their sales, and have more fun in the process.

I am passionate about the mission of doTERRA and I love being involved behind the scenes to empower the leaders with skills, tools, and confidence to create a thriving business while fostering a lasting legacy helping more people positively change their lives.

I’ve coached every rank from Premier to Silver, Gold to Diamond, Blue to Presidential, Double Diamond and beyond…I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned and replicated in doTERRA specific sales coaching the past 10+ years!

Coaching with Tiffany Peterson is the best personal & professional decision I’ve made to date! My return on investment has been beyond AWESOME! I achieved a dramatic increase in my sales, which continue to trend upward every month alongside my growth as a leader and business owner. Tiffany has the ability to turn the light on inside of us and face any mountain we wish to climb!

Arin Fugate

Blue Diamond

Tiffany Peterson is an outstanding coach. I hired her to help me move forward in sales and after just ONE month I made significant results that ended up generating thousands of dollars in income. The money has been valuable, but really it’s the skills that I’m most proud of that I learned and developed that I now apply to every aspect of my life to make my dreams a reality. I’ve increased momentum so I’ll definitely be staying close to Tiffany for accountability!!

Kelly King

Presidential Diamond

When we hired Tiffany Peterson as our personal business coach, she helped us rocket our results and income in our direct sales business! She helped us advance to the top rank in our company, which resulted in changing more lives, including our own. Our income significantly increased and our sales became easier with her expert sales strategies. If you’re serious about lasting change and increased income, Tiffany Peterson can help support you there.

Natalie & Andy Goddard

Double Diamonds

I have been so blessed through the work my sales team and I have done with Tiffany Peterson! She has an incredible way of challenging you with tangible and easy to implement strategies that help you recognize your potential, get out of your own way, and get the results you deserve. Working with her has completely changed my mindset and helped me uplevel both my business and my life. I am forever grateful…

Kari Uetz

Blue Diamond

Tiffany’s coaching, trainings and friendship have moved me through multiple blocks that I was creating in my business. She has a way of gently guiding you to find the answers that you already have, but are not seeing. She gives you tangible steps to do the work, to take daily action and to break through the story that is hold you back. When you spend time with Tiffany you get an invitation to step into the abundant human that you are meant to be. She will stand next to you as you begin to step into being HER, the future you that is waiting.

Keeli Nicole

Presidential Diamond

Prior to your 2023 Convention, I am hosting a custom sales
and success retreat just for dōTERRA wellness advocates.

Are you ready for your next level
to grow your dōTERRA business?!

  • Cultivate your success mindset to achieve your next rank?
  • Develop key sales skills to close more sales in classes and one on ones?
  • Implement proven time management tips to increase productivity, focus, and follow through with your most important activities?
  • Master the most overlooked step in growing your business success?
  • Create a thriving community that continues to enroll others?

If you’re ready to grow yourself and your leadership skills to influence others, I invite you to join me and some special guests for this one of a kind, custom training!

We will cover in depth how to makeover your mindset, your manifesting, your marketing, and your money! See more detailed information below…

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

10am – 5pm
Heber, Utah
(address sent upon registration)


This will be an intimate retreat with the intention to go deeper and be well nourished in yourself, your purpose, and in business growth strategy.
*Spots are limited to participate.

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable


Working with Tiffany Peterson was a game changer for me and my business. I was stuck, not progressing, and after working with Tiffany momentum really hit! My income after working with her, in a years time grew 325% year over year! Quadrupling my income! She has truly been a lighthouse for me in my life making dramatic positive changes on all levels. When people ask for my secrets to success, Tiffany Peterson is the answer.

Katee Payne


Within 30 days of beginning coaching with Tiffany Peterson I doubled my sales volume and I achieved massive success! Prior to her coaching, I had been stuck for 15 months at the same position and not able to move forward. Tiffany’s training is a must if you’re serious about growing your sales and your results!

Jennifer Oldham

Blue Diamond

Coaching with Tiffany Peterson was such a wise investment into myself and my business. I learned to love myself more boldly by becoming more aware of who I was created to be. I acquired invaluable tools to help serve others more authentically and effectively. After coaching with Tiffany, I DOUBLED my income, achieved Diamond rank, and revolutionized my relationships with my leaders. Everyone on my team benefited from my experience, even my relationships with my friends and family! If you do one thing today for your business and your own growth, let it be coaching with Tiffany.

Cassidy Holdsworth


Get the EARLY BIRD pricing of $197.00

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable


PLUS, receive these bonus items right away when you register…

Bonus #1:
Nourish Your Network
Audio Training!

Receive this content rich digital download with the purchase of your ticket to help you expand your ideas and strategies to grow your business. ($25.00 value)


Bonus #2:
The Creator’s Oath

Infuse your home or office space with these inspiring success principles to remind you of truths to create an abundant life and business. ($20.00 value)


Bonus #3:
Mindset Makeover 2023

Participation in my Mindset Makeover coaching course series taking place in September 2023 ($97.00 value)



Get the EARLY BIRD pricing of $197.00

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable


Get the EARLY BIRD pricing of $197.00


Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable


In the time that I’ve I’ve worked with Tiffany Peterson, my life has expanded to the degree I could not have imagined. With her support, I have found the courage to step into my authentic self unapologetically. My income has quadrupled in that time, allowing me to contribute on a larger scale to my team, clients, and causes I’m passionate about. Through my work with Tiffany I know on a deep level that I am worthy and deserving of an abundant life. I will be forever grateful.

Julie Margo


Tiffany has elevated my entire life! Before I said yes to mentoring with her, I was stuck in a place of fear. I didn’t know there was a way to grow my business that didn’t require total burn out and I was afraid to say YES to anything more. However, I knew Tiffany was someone I could trust and indeed she taught me how to create from a space of self trust and self care. My recent rank advancement to doTERRA Blue Diamond came with ease and joy. While mentoring with Tiffany, my income more than doubled, but more valuable to me is the self care, self trust, and confidence I now have in my ability to create a life and business I love!

Nisha Riggs

Blue Diamond

“I love Tiffany Peterson’s unique talent for transforming people from the inside out. She helped me on a personal, spiritual, and business level take my results to the next level. Tiffany has taught me to believe in myself that I can be, do, or have anything I want. She will help you do the same!

Hayley Bammesberger



Tiffany Peterson is a seasoned speaker and international coach helping individuals and teams create the lives and results they desire.

Tiffany is most well known for helping others to master the self esteem and sales confidence to create a sustainable income to fulfill their business dreams.

For more information on Tiffany and her programs visit, www.TiffanySpeaks.com

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